About ACE Ohlsson

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ACE Ohlsson Pty Ltd, has had a presence in Australian horticulture since 1938. We have been servicing the horticultural, grapevine, vegetable, pome/stone fruit and ornamental markets in Sydney and New South Wales for over 60 years.

Originally two companies, ACE Farm Suppliers Pty Ltd and Theo Ohlssons Pty Ltd, both businesses were merged into ACE Ohlsson Pty Ltd to develop a larger more efficient company, offering a comprehensive range of services for the grower. These services include:

  • Crop care
  • Vegetable and flower seeds
  • Fertilisers
  • Pest control
  • Plant nutrition advisory services
  • Strategic cropping programs

The CEO of ACE Ohlsson, Stuart Merchant, has spent his whole life involved in horticulture. The former Tasmanian orchardist and ICI Sales Manager believes that the most valuable asset ACE Ohlsson offers is its people. His attitude is reflected in ACE Ohlsson’s sales team of 25, which includes 20 leading agronomists with an average of 20 years field experience between them and two former growers with vital 'hands on' experience. The sales team is supported by a small but highly efficient accounts and supply team.

ACE Ohlsson were the first agricultural business in NSW to be fully accredited by Agsafe. The accreditation involved installing a flammable liquid store, bunding throughout, chemical segregation and staff safety training. All staff members are fully trained and Agsafe accredited.

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ACE Ohlsson is a leading member of the national retail supplier group, AgLink. The group's members currently supply around 40% of the agchem products used in Australian horticulture, and the group has a strong presence within the industry. ACE Ohlsson's General Manager, Charlie Horder says, " Being part of AgLink means more than just supplying agrochemicals. We, as a group, are committed to develop all facets of horticulture within our regions."

"Our aim is to help growers select the right crops, varieties, crop protection and nutrition programs to produce a quality product, most suited to their market."

This strategy may include the use of the latest chemistry, organically certified products or the design of an integrated pest management system appropriate to the specific situation.

Whatever your agricultural requirements, contact ACE Ohlsson.