ACE Ohlsson Pty Ltd

Photo of shop front

Ace Ohlsson provides horticultural crop protection, vegetable and flower seeds, fertilisers, pest control, plant nutrition advisory services and strategic cropping programs. Our central warehouse is located at Sydney Markets. Sydney's fruit and vegetable markets are contained on a 40 hectare site near Homebush in central Sydney.

These markets handle over 50% of Australia's total horticultural production representing in excess of $3 billion per year. The value of farm production in the Sydney Basin alone is worth $1 billion per year. Local production includes field grown vegetables, hydroponic lettuce, greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes, Asian vegetables, cauliflowers, mushrooms, fruit and turf farming.

Photo of Sydney Markets

Ace Ohlsson is strategically located inside the markets in order to service local growers in the early hours of the morning (starting at 4 am) as they deliver their produce for sale and distribution. The market store carries an extensive range of vegetable and flower seed, fertilisers, hardware and crop protection products.

Outside of the markets Ace Ohlsson has 10 stocking points with sales agronomists attached. These locations are within a 600 km radius of Sydney and service vegetable, fruit, wine grape and turf farmers. Ace Ohlsson agronomists are constantly on farms inspecting crops, soil and leaf testing and advising growers as to the latest solutions to their problems.

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