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Ace Ohlsson offers you a comprehensive range of fertilisers to suit your requirements, supported by expert advice about its use and application.

We offer a variety of solutions for farming enterprises, including: 

  • Granular fertiliser 
  • Liquid fertiliser 
  • Soluble solids 
  • Controlled release 
  • Bio stimulant 
  • Organic options

Our trained agronomists can assist you in choosing the correct product for your conditions and desired outcomes. We offer soil, sap, dry leaf matter and water testing, all designed to aid in the process. 

We understand how critical timing and application volume can be. To ensure your business has the right support, our agronomists can also develop a fertiliser plan to help you achieve your goals. 


From targeted pest control to seasonal weed management, Ace Ohlsson offer a competitive range of agricultural chemical products and application solutions. 

Our expert agronomy specialists can work one-on-one with your business to identify risks and control methods that align with your goals. 

Looking to agronomy support for your business? Contact your local branch today.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.