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Horticultural markets

For over 80 years, Ace Ohlsson have been a trusted supplier for a variety of horticultural markets and industries. From the avid home-gardener, to innovative farming businesses, our team have the expertise and product range to suit your needs.

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Floriculture (Flower Production)

With a strong history of quality flower production in NSW, our local teams have worked alongside growers for generations to achieve outstanding results in their industry. We offer herbicide and pest control solutions, as well as fertilisers, agri-chemicals and technical advice to support sustainable floriculture production. Our genetic experts can supply seed for a range of varieties, tailoring every order to suit your needs.


Our stores offer and extensive range of equipment and proven agri-chemicals to help keep your business running. We specialise in quality brands of gardening tools and heavy-duty equipment, including power tools. From spray equipment to fertiliser or seed spreaders, browse the range at your local store today.

Potato Farming

From irrigation supplies to tailored pest control, our stores offer a range of products to suit your business. We offer custom solutions for potato growers, including seed supply and treatment, fertiliser mixes and fungicide products. We also offer sap analysis services using the latest technology to support your farming decisions.

Forestry and Revegetation

At Ace Ohlsson, we support sustainable forestry and revegetation industries through a comprehensive range of products and equipment. From pruning and power tools, to targeted herbicide and pest control products, our local stores are a trusted partner for many land-care organisations and forestry businesses, big and small.


Our stores offer a competitive range of hydroponics equipment and supplies from Australia’s most trusted brands. With custom solutions, including fertilisers, trace elements, seed supply and propagation equipment, browse the range at your local store today.

Plant Nurseries

Browse our range of premium nursery supplies to suit plant businesses of all sizes. From growing mediums, growth regulators and propagation products, to safety equipment and clothing, we offer reliable brands and trusted service across our network of stores.

Turf Industry

We offer support for the highest quality of turf production, with specialist advice and customisable product range to suit a wide range of farms. Our local stores offer specialty turf seeds, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, alongside adjuvants and soil wetters. We also offer soil and leaf analysis services to help tailor fertiliser and management plans for your business.

Fruit Crops (including Viticulture)

Supported by expert agronomists, we offer an extensive product range and advisory services for fruit growers throughout NSW. We stock top-quality harvesting, pruning and management equipment, as well as specialty trellis materials. Our connections with key suppliers allow us to provide a range of foliar fungicides and fertilisers to combat a variety of conditions. We also supply post-harvest products and custom inputs for a range of fruit industries.

Broadacre Cropping (including pasture crops)

We offer a competitive supply of essential inputs and trusted agronomy services to suit cropping production of all sizes. Our team can provide farm planning support, soil testing and custom seed mixes to suit your business.

Vegetable Cropping

Local growers can rely on our range of base and supplementary fertilisers, irrigation products and the latest fungicide, insecticide and herbicide technology. We offer farm planning and rotational cropping advice, along with top-quality seed supply. We also support sustainable vegetable production through environmentally friendly pesticides and innovative agtech products.

Intensive Horticulture

Our network supports a range of intensive horticultural markets, with crop protection products, foliar fertilisers, pruning equipment and sanitiser applications suitable for a variety of crops. We also offer technical analysis of plant, soil and water conditions to assist your business decisions.

Domestic Horticulture (House and Garden)

Whether you are an avid home-gardener or operating a maintenance business, we offer competitive pricing for specialist fertiliser products, general pest control, tools and pruning equipment and landscaping supplies.

Industrial or Commercial Facilities

No matter the size of the project, we can support a range of industrial or commercial horticultural activities, including drum transfer and handling systems, bulk seed and input orders, non-selective herbicides and water management solutions.

Pest Control

Tackle the hard jobs, with our comprehensive range of insect, rodent and weed control products. We also stock a variety of pump systems, smoke generators, and quality spare parts for your equipment. Our team can also offer advice for application and safety measures to help you get the job done right.

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Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.