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Seed supplies

For over 80 years Ace Ohlsson has been a trusted supplier to the New South Wales horticultural industry. 

Our long-standing relationships with seed suppliers, both in Australia and overseas, enable us to be leading suppliers of: 

  • Flower seeds, including cut and bedding varieties  
  • Vegetable seeds, including potatoes 
  • Herb, culinary and medicinal plant seeds 
  • Pasture and fodder seeds 

Ace Seeds 

Ace Seeds is our own private label, offering flower, herb and vegetable seeds to cut flower and wholesale nurseries Australia wide. 

Through supplier arrangements we also offer vegetable seeds to commercial and specialist farmers, markets and growers of all sizes. 

Our specialist staff are continually reviewing field trials and potential new varieties so we can provide you with the very latest information and planting guides. 

We can also produce specialist mixes tailored to your unique climate and production needs. 

Looking for seed advice for your business? Contact your local branch today.

Our aim is to help growers succeed in their industry, no matter the size.